“The first thing that stands out on this album is Mip’s voice. She has quite the vocal range and her style, while being distinct, reminds me of Janis Joplin…[the Mip power trio has] certainly created their own sound…a sound that encompasses the spirit of the album: energy and good times.”
-Joey Beaudin, Bucket List Music Reviews Blog

“With tight musicianship, strong lead vocals and sweet harmonies driving the music, coupled with the band’s fun, casual party vibe, I dare you to not move your feet…”
– Cathy McKim, Life With More Cowbell Blog

“well-rounded…smart music that’s weird in all the right ways…Mip Power Trio has established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.”
– Kirsty Chan, Greyowl Point

“..truly at home on this stage…Mip mixes stripped down rock n roll with folk elements and a hint of everything from country to blues…The lyrics are clever yet understated; the melodies are catchy and filled with energy. There are no gimmicks here, just great narrative storytelling that is sure to lift the spirits.”
Tanya Natapov, Canadian Content Machine

“full of top notch hooks and positive undertones that will swirl around in your mind for days. A fun live performance, and a lovable cast of characters, Mip Power Trio really rocks!”
Matt Groopie, My Freakin’ Ears

“Let local power-poppers Mip Power Trio lift your spirits with an energetic set of bouncy indie rock tunes”
24 Hours (Toronto)

“Hard-working TO rock ‘n’ roll threesome have a spunky take on things, with lead guitar Mip the star of the show.”
Chris Young, Toronto Star

“For 3 people they really kick some ass…super authentic rock and roll”

Matt Groopie, Matt Groopie’s Sounds from the Underground (approx 13:00)

“The lyrics…are witty, cutting, astute and quirky enough to keep you interested and the melodies are so dynamic and insanely catchy that your toes will ache from tapping them. And then there’s the head-banging. To say this is an eclectic mix is an understatement.”

Sheila Wujek, AW Music Blog

“Mip Power Trio’s Haggard & Bedraggled feels like a fun house party on a summers night. I don’t remember the last time I had this much fun listening to a CD.”

Carolina Smart, Lipstick Indie

“It’s eccentric rock and roll, a pleasure to hear”

Sarah, Music She Blogged

“Most of [Mip’s songs] roar to a halt after three minutes and feature a technical proficiency that staggers without sacrificing any emotional weight. Their repertoire manages to pull off that rare trick of being complex, grandiose, heartfelt, effortless and above all timeless. These songs are deeply rooted in the most classic of classic rocks…In short the MIP Power Trio is the best original performing band in Toronto that I am not in. Ahem.”

Johnny Awesome, Johnny Awesome and the Goodtones

“This accurately named Toronto group are led by commanding frontwoman Mip and play a thunderous yet quirky rock music with smart lyrics and dynamic arrangements.”


Mip Power Trio is a fast paced, teeth clenching ride that fills your guts with excitement and a penchant for whiskey that’s fueled not by a depressed longing for a coping mechanism, but a general will to raise your glass at a band that sings about good times and shrugs off the bad.”

Truth Explosion Magazine

“I caught most of a set by Mip and The Mip Power Trio who were blasting through a set of high-energy tunes that sucked me in and made me stay and watch.”

Giovanny Caquias, Culture Blues

“I’d say it’s catchy, modern folk rock with just enough of Mip’s fun personality to create that completely homegrown one-of-a-kind sound.

Vanessa Markov, Hits ‘n’ Giggles

“I put the EP into the cd player and heard energetic, fun melodies with solid work on guitars and vocals throughout the 6 song EP. [It] is fun, fast and filled with high energy that is infectious to the listener.”

Jade Sperry, nxew.ca/Jaded Photography

“These songs are well-written with sharp-witted lyrics and addictive melodies that are just quirky enough to make them stand out in sharp contrast to the stuff presently popular….”

Sheila Wujek, AW Music Blog

“Mip is one of the most dynamic songwriters on the independent scene in Toronto; musically, she is always full of surprises…Completely in her element under the lights, she has a stage presence, conviction in her voice, and command over an audience that I envy as a fellow performing artist.”

Meghan Morrison, Independent Musician and Webcaster

“A high energy three piece band that mostly rocks with a bit of a quirky edge.”

BC Musician Magazine